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Resident Evil 2: a triumphant return to Racoon City

Resident Evil 2 is a remake of the classic survival horror title of 1998 developed by Capcom. The narrative retells the story of the original game, reimagining the sheer horror of the streets of Racoon City with unprecedented photorealism.

A familiar story chillingly retold…

Taking on the role of either rookie cop, Leon S. Kennedy, or biker, Claire Redfield, players must negotiate a pathway through the zombie-filled streets of Racoon City. While the game is directly modelled on the original title, it has been completely recreated. The police building, for instance, will look very familiar, but the developers have filled every room and passageway with new puzzles and unimaginable horrors.

A modern classic that in no way disappoints

Some Resident Evil titles of the past have failed to live up to expectations. However, this take on Resident Evil 2 is sure to hold a firm place in the hearts of fans. There are even several nods to the early games: sharp-eyed players may notice an original grey PlayStation at one point in the map, while the number plate of Claire’s Harley Davidson refers to the date of the original game’s release in Japan.


  • Totally immersive gameplay.
  • Not merely a nostalgia trip.


  • Cannot be played in the dark.
  • Nothing else of note.


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Resident Evil 2: / BIOHAZARD RE:2


Resident Evil 2: / BIOHAZARD RE:2 2 for PC


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